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Yay! Our F❤ck What You Say music video is now up on our YouTube! Please go check it out and leave a comment telling us what you think. 


It was a lot of fun shooting this. It was something a little more casual we just did around our glamour cave but it still was a great time. You'll also catch a glimpse of the Mini Mascara Monster.

F❤ck What You Say T shirts are also available through our Bandcamp.


Hey, Make Up Mutants! Just a quick post here. We wanted to let you know that we're going to be blogging here more. We've got a lot of projects planned and want to keep you up to date as much as possible. May even do a little venting here if you don't mind :) We got a new music video out at the end of the month. Its something a little extra special. Also working on a music video for our track F❤ ck What You Say. We'll try to post some pics soon on our FB and Twitter. We also just finished up a cover of The Cramps' Like a Bad Girl Should. You can have a listen here. It was so fun working on one of our hero's songs. It was also a very good lesson for crafting our synthabilly sound.  Anyways, keep checking back here for more make up mutant fun. Loves, B + L (Mascara Monsters) Keep fighting evil in Make Up


Writing like crazy and working on a few music videos. No shows booked right now. Contact us at the email above if there is a venue you'd like to see us play at. You can also contact us at any of the social media links you see here :)

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Photo Credit: Colus Havenga

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