Mascara Monsters

Synthabilly / Swamp Goth

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Show Dates

 October 25th 10pm @ The Go Lounge in San Diego

7123 El Cajon Blvd

info here

November 14th @ The Bancroft in San Diego

into coming


We've got a new video out on our YouTube titled Get Behind Me Satan and Push. Originally by Billie Jo Spears in 1968. We feel this song and video encompasses everything we envision Mascara Monsters to be. It is essential to the crafting of our synthabilly sound.



Yay! Our F❤ck What You Say music video is now up on our YouTube! Please go check it out and leave a comment telling us what you think. 


It was a lot of fun shooting this. It was something a little more casual we just did around our glamour cave but it still was a great time. You'll also catch a glimpse of the Mini Mascara Monster.

F❤ck What You Say T shirts are also available through our Bandcamp.


Hey, Make Up Mutants! Just a quick post here. We wanted to let you know that we're going to be blogging here more. We've got a lot of projects planned and want to keep you up to date as much as possible. May even do a little venting here if you don't mind :) We got a new music video out at the end of the month. Its something a little extra special. Also working on a music video for our track F❤ ck What You Say. We'll try to post some pics soon on our FB and Twitter. We also just finished up a cover of The Cramps' Like a Bad Girl Should. You can have a listen here. It was so fun working on one of our hero's songs. It was also a very good lesson for crafting our synthabilly sound.  Anyways, keep checking back here for more make up mutant fun. Loves, B + L (Mascara Monsters) Keep fighting evil in Make Up


Writing like crazy and working on a few music videos. No shows booked right now. Contact us at the email above if there is a venue you'd like to see us play at. You can also contact us at any of the social media links you see here :)

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Photo Credit: Colus Havenga

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